My name is Nouri and I love building digital products that bring your vision to life

I have helped my clients successfully launch projects of different stages: from product idea validation, MVP implementation to scaling, further development and support.

Have an idea for a great project?

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My services:

I help design and setup web and mobile solutions for any scale of business, I offer these services:

Feature 01

Backend / APIs

Design and Develope Backend and REST APIs with flexibility and scaling in mind.

Feature 02


Develope cross platform mobile Apps, using React Native, that offers great performance and quick time to market, example a payment solution app for iOS and Android, finished in 2 months.

Feature 03

Frontend / SPA

Building Frontend UI/UX that is easily scalable, tested and measure user interaction.

Feature 04

AI / ML / CV

Design and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence models, in addition to developing OpenCV algorithms.

Feature 04


Architect and deploy infrastructure (as a code), service, micro-service, on Kubernetes, Lambda, Cloudformation, etc.

Feature 04

Scrum / Agile Processes

Setup a Scrum / Agile process in place with release cycles, release notes, tracking team velocity, bugs, issues, etc.

Feature 04

Technical team recruitment

Help you streamline the hiring process and reduce the time and money it takes you to find a good developer.

Feature 04

Technical Training

Train your team on any of the above subjects, it can be frameworks, libraries, tools, fundamental computer science, examples: Unit testing (TDD), Kubernetes, Docker, Typescript, etc.

Technology Stacks:


Nouri est un Killer technique, son savoir faire et ces compétences sont incroyables, il nous a aidé a mettre en place un process qui nous a permis d'être agile et de garder une qualité maitrisée de notre SaaS.

En tant que responsable du département intellectuelle chez Canon Research Center France, j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Nouri NOURI dans le cadre d’une mission de freelance, Monsieur Nouri a su montrer tout son intérêt pour le développement d’applications complexes intégrant différentes technologies Web, il a également pu se familiariser rapidement à l'environnement existant, et proposer des solutions aux problèmes rencontrés...

Nouri is Smart, hardworking and self driven, I genuinly enjoyed working with him, and will certainly work with him again.

Engineering and Product development

  • Build your vision
  • Develop scalable Apps and Web apps
  • Setup a best practices for your team to follow
  • Good balance between releasing software and good quality.

Software engineering Process

  • Agile without losing too much quality.
  • Best practices like code review, continuous integration and deployment
  • No need to recruit senior engineers, when you only need to setup the structure once
  • how to streamline support and new feature development


  • Who are you ?

    My name is Nouri, I am 30 years old, I have a french honors and engineering degree (prépa PTSI et Ingénieur Arts et Métiers), I have being working as an engineer for 7 years, I worked for Canon, SNCF, Intel and CEA. I have being programming for 20 years, lately I Taught React and Redux with LeWagon in Chengdu, China. I would love to get to know you, let's Get in touch

  • Where are you located at ?

    I live in Paris, I travel to meet my customers and work remote when I don't need to be in my customer's offices.

  • How much experience do you have ?

    I started programming when I was 8 years old, now I am 30, I started working as engineering in 2012, I have 7 years of professional experience, but alot more with coding and programming.

  • What can you actually do ?

    What I can you do in plain simple words ? My services can be devided into 2 components: product engineering development (1) and software engineering process setup (2), traning your devs on how to use scrum, jira, how to do realese notes, setup code reivew, CI/CD, unit testing, E2E, integration and stress tests, etc... I would love to tell you more Get in touch

  • Did you work with startups before ?

    Yes I did, I worked with Smyler, Sharegroop, Getquanty and I founded myself 2 startups in Augmented reality and Robotics.

  • Can you be my CTO ?

    The short answer is no, but if you are looking for a cofounder, the answer it depends, in both cases i would encorage you to Get in touch because I enjoy talking with like minded entrepreneurs.

  • I need advice, I am not a technical cofounder, can you help me ?

    Just reach out, I'll be happy to chat with you for 30min or so for free! Get in touch

  • What language do you speak ?

    I speak French, English, Arabic and Chinese, my chinese is not quit there yet, I have HSK4, but I can get by.

  • Can you work with Hardware ?

    Yes I certainly love to work with hardwhare, I previously built an autonomous drone and an autonomous 4 wheeled robot.

Still not convinced?