My new startup is a SaaS solution that aims to provide an easy, powerful and unique solution to build and deploy AR/VR content.

What is the problem ?

Today if you want to build a powerful AR or VR application you have to use a third party SDK to have access to some computer vision utilises that you will use to make the application on your own.

To do that you have to build a mobile application say! Choose the SDK, Design and Build the app, test it, measure the use, etc.

Not to mention that most of the publishers or advertisers they want to put their content out for people and not make software. most of the effort is going to be build a software piece instead of build the experience.

What is the solution then ?

The solution is that they have to focus on the actual content and not the software:

  • the software should be simple to use
  • flexible and powerful that don’t constrain you
  • instantly publishing
  • tracking and metrics should be very easy

Until now I saw a couple of startups that provide similar solution, but non of them provide a complete SaaS solution that lets you:

  1. Build your own AR or VR app by importing your models, videos, content.
  2. Instantly publish
  3. works with Cardboard
  4. Tracking and metrics
  5. No code involved
  6. Instant preview while developing, no compilation

What is this solution used for ?

The platform will be used to make virtual reality in different fields:

  • Education
  • Advertisement
  • Industry
  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Training
  • How to etc.

I built prototypes for different use cases to showcase them to different potential clients.


What is it this solution ?

The solution is based on 2 parts:

  • A mobile/ desktop / web player.
  • SaaS application

Can I have a peak ?



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