This the story of  a beautiful girl that i met during my trip to Pau. I will try to share these kind of stories more often, I personally love meeting new people and hear their stories. It makes you see life from a different angle, sometimes It will make you more grateful for what you have, other times, it will motivate you and in this case it will leave you speechless  !

On September the 6th I took the TGV (train à grande vitesse = super speed train) from Paris to Bordeaux, I visited the town quit beautiful, charming but i had to leave soon because I am heading to Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)  near Spain. I garbed a sandwich from a local store quickly so i can catch my auto-car. That day the weather was not quit good, a bit rainy, cloudy obviously the end of the summer. Running toward the buses in front of the station, I asked a driver which one is heading to Mont-de-Marsan. The bus was not quit full few people actually were in, so you can see all the heads with a quick scan !

There she was, a beautiful girl with long-black hair in the back of the bus. The first time when you see people your mind quickly classify them (at least mine do ) to some categories, by that i mean not stereotypes but certain feelings based on what they look, and the fact that i did not see here face with full details didn’t help. I eat my sandwich first, I was hungry ! then started thinking about what can i say to break the ice, in this kind of situation the more you think, the more it gets worst and gives you butterflies ending you to drop the idea to talk to that stranger. 1 .. 2 .. 3 “Hello there ! are you heading to Mont-de-Marsan ?” She responded smiling “Bonjour, oui tout à fait !” ( Hi, yes I am !) and that was it counted to 3 and jumped in ( it is not just in the movies you can do it in real life too ).

The ice is almost broken, I started asking here some general question so i can know her a little bit better. Then if she eventually can help me to visit the town. “Are you going home or visiting someone ?” I asked thinking that she is from where we going. “No, I am going to the detention center !” she responded in a sad way. I didn’t pay much attention to here response but then she started explaining. Here is here story …


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