So I run out of ink for my printer/scanner Epson Xp-225.I want to print in black some documents that i have to send urgently.

Got to Fnac and bought a XL cartridge. Last one didn’t even last for 50 pages. So I installed the cartridge and I went on my mac to print my documents after paying 23 euros for the XL ink.

Guess what ? The printer will not print unless the 4 cartridge are full. Acutely It won’t print unless you buy the 4 of them. It is 2016 and F**ING EPSON still get with this shit! How ?

I bought black ink, and I want to print only in black why would I need the other colors ? I don’t even use them! They will dry and I have to buy other ones so I can print in Black.

This is ridiculous! I WILL NEVER BUY ANY OTHER EPSON products again, You should do the same.

Printers are very bolcky, noisy and very expensive and it is the same even in 2016, it is time for a change.



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  1. Tim Locke says:

    This has been an issue for over 10 years, probably 15 years, and not only with Epson. No one should buy inkjet printers…EVER. The cost of ink per page is insane. Buy a laser printer instead. Toner is vastly less expensive per page. If you want color, you can get a color laser printer, but they can’t do photo quality. For photo quality prints, go to Walmart.

  2. vonskippy says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaa, poor baby.

    Next time do YOUR HOMEWORK and research the printer before you buy it. Maybe buying the cheapest product in any Manufactures product line is a dumbass thing to do?

    My Epson 835 has six ink cartridges, works fine when one cart is empty, uses third party ink at 1/10th the epson ink cost and has been printing reams of paper for 3+ years.

  3. Gene says:

    2 words: laser printers. Changed my life, never been less frustrated. The ink printer industry is a sham, stop fueling their bullshit.

  4. Criação says:

    I feel your pain. But could you share what you did to ‘hack the cartridge to fool it that is full’?

  5. a says:

    Sorry, but this is very old news. The way to go around this is take your colored cartridge, use a needle to press it down, and hold it under the sink. Yes, you’re putting water in the color cartridge you won’t use so that the printer thiinks there’s ink there.
    The scanner isn’t bad. The printers are. HP ones aren’t any better given their ability to jam in 1:3 attempts to print.

  6. Nik says:

    wow this is so sucky! :/

  7. Paul says:

    Canon Pixma MP620, & an older HP Printer both have the same “feature” … not unique at all. Printers are essentially free ways to lock you in to propietary cartridges. And they charge crazy prices for those. And then pillage your wallet with terrible all-or-none cartridge logic.

    It’s legal & up until the same thing happened to me a couple years ago I never thought about using needles to fill catridges with water or buying gray market counterfeit cartridges …

    To me, it’s cheaper to use Kinko’s or send photos to online printing service providers.

  8. Shulai says:

    Printers require ink to avoid getting its noozles obstructed. Letting you leave color cartridges empty will make color unusable, just as letting the printer gathering dust for a time with no ink circulating will make it a candidate for the landfill.
    Want black only, cheap printing? Got a laser printer and bootleg cartridges.

  9. Brock McCrady says:

    If you print in just black “they” can’t track kiddie porn and the like.

  10. Robin says:

    I came to the same conclusion after years of loving Epson products. Needed a reset code that was given easily before by the service tech for an older printer. Ended up that I couldn’t get anything without giving my credit card.

    The last noise that the call center person heard was my printer hitting the floor never to be used again. Went with HP after that.

    After running into ink cartridge expiry issues, I went with an commercial HP laser. More expensive up front but now I only buy one replacement of toner once a year if that. Wait for it on sale at HP and stock up. I spend less for the laser cartridges than ink and print more pages.

    Hear that Samsung laser printers are good.

    Laser toner cartridges don’t have expiry dates, at least for HP and Samsung.
    Never going to look back.

  11. Malin says:

    Why not use third party refillable cartridges with ARC chips? I throw away the cartridges that come with the printer and install refillable ones that you can get for cheap on eBay.

  12. Nicolai says:

    I absolutely agree. How strange competition has not done anything to soften this rip-off ? But stronger than the law is the market: I join you in your Epson-abstention. (My wife bought an Epson, and due to the expense has only used it as a scanner for now over two years, since I bought a second hand networkable laser printer from someone else.)

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